4th generation plam quantum resonance magnetic analyzer

Quantum Resonance magnetic analyzer can give your reports in 1 minute, you can learn your body health.
Palm version Quantum Resonance Magnetic analyzer 
Package Includes 
Main Unit × 1
Software CD × 1
USB Soft dog × 1
USB Cable × 1
Manual × 1
Warranty × 100 Days 

Features Of The 4th Generation Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer
• Professional - Based on the study on a hundred million clinical cases for many years, a number of medical and computer experts invented quantum health monitor.
• Comprehensive - The quantum health diagnostic instrument can make a comprehensive examination to human body.
After the test, up to 50 health reports can be obtained.
• Accurate - The statistical analysis of health is carried out rigorously by using scientific methods and it is approved by a large number of clinical practices. The accuracy rate of this health-care product can reach up to 85%.
• Early Detection - Detect health changes before obvious symptoms and signs of disease appear.  The early detection will make for early treatment.
• Simple - The operation of this health equipment is quite easy. Users can master the detecting techniques after a short-term training.
• Convenient - Through using this health instrument, health check can be made anytime and anywhere. This will save time for patients.
• Economic - The cost of testing is quite reasonable, acceptable for average consumer.
• Security - The health check is made in a non-invasive way, so the instrument will not harm human body. An encryption lock can be removed when the device is not being used, therefore protecting the client's information.